A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Forex Trading

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Forex is a combination of foreign exchange and currency. The process of exchanging forex is changing one currency into another for several reasons, including tourism, commerce, trading, etc. According to the Bank of International Settlements’triennial report from back in 2019, the trading volume for forex reached around $6.6 trillion in April of 2019.

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3 Important Rules for Successful Stock Trading

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New traders looking to become successful in stock trading may find the market overwhelming or challenging. Various complicated mechanisms need to be understood first. This is why new traders need actionable advice from some of the best trading mentors online.  

You may have heard about making a trading plan and keeping losses at a minimum in stock trading. However, patience is key, and you wouldn’t want to rush things with stock trading if you’re looking to learn to trade stocks and profit from them.

To help you understand better, let’s discuss some important rules that can help increase your odds of succeeding in the stock market.

1. Trading Is a Like a Business

To be successful in stock trading, you need to approach it like a full-time business and not as a hobby. Especially if you’re new, you wouldn’t want to make trading a hobby because then you’ll miss out on learning opportunities.

On the other hand, if you think of it as a job, it can get frustrating as there won’t be a paycheck. However, if you consider trading a business, you will be ready to expect losses, expenses, uncertainties, stress, risk, and more. As a trader, you are essentially running a small business where you need to make strategies and research to improve your business’ potential.

2. Risk What You Can Afford

Before investing in the market, make sure that all the money you use to trade is expandable. You can make a separate trading account that shouldn’t be used for any other activity.

This will allow you to think clearly about your financial backing when making trading decisions. Losing money is truly traumatizing, so it’s essential that you only risk the money you expect to lose.

However, our online trading training courses at Trading Mentor are designed to ensure that you make minimal mistakes when making investment decisions. Our guidance can help you navigate through the complexities of the exchange market and form a detailed plan.

3. Take Advantage of Technology

Trading is a competitive business, and you can safely assume that the person on the other side will take full advantage of their available options. Several charting platforms provide traders with various ways to analyze the markets.

Another advanced concept we teach traders includes Backtesting which uses historical data to predict future fluctuations. This helps traders make more informed decisions and reduce their chances of making mistakes.

Technology can help you stay up to date with the market anywhere, anytime, greatly increasing your trading performance. Using the Internet can also help you discover new opportunities or identify potential profitable investments.

Learning the principles of stock trading is essential if you want to succeed in the long run. Trading Mentor offers stock trading courses for beginners looking to improve their trading abilities. Our online mentoring platform brings together some of the best trading mentors with years of trading experience from across the globe. Other than that, we also provide free learning opportunities in videos and articles. Contact us today to get professional stock trading guidance.

Pros And Cons of Automated Trading Systems

A person using an automated trading system on their laptop.

Automated trading systems are mechanical trading systems that run through algorithms. This allows traders to determine certain rules for trading exits and entries. Once programmed, the trades will automatically be executed through a computer. What’s more, stock exchanges mostly happen through automated trading systems.

Traders can essentially convert money management rules, entry, and exit points into trading systems that enable monitoring and trading. However, if you’re new to automated systems, studying some stock trading courses for beginners will help you make more informed decisions and improve profitability.

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4 Forex Mistakes to Avoid

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Forex trading has been skyrocketing in the past decade or so. Many new traders often get into forex trading with starry-eyed expectations, hoping to make quick profits. However, that’s the quickest way to incur losses. The Forex world is far more complex and intricate than it seems. Just because someone you know is profiting from forex trading doesn’t mean you’ll manage to do so too.

Many new traders often neglect doing their homework and jump headfirst into the market. As a result, they’re ill-equipped to handle the changing market conditions and the constant volatility. Eventually, they fail to profit and instead incur significant losses over time. We want to help you avoid a similar fate. That’s why we’ve prepared this blog post to prevent you from making some common mistakes most forex traders make.

Forex Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some common forex mistakes to avoid. They include:

Not Having a Trading Plan

Whether you’re trading forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, or commodities, you’ll want to ensure you have a trading plan. Many new forex traders often overlook the importance of a trading plan, winging their strategies and approaches on the go. However, that’s always a recipe for disaster. The forex trading world is complex and comprehensive. You’ll need to develop a trading plan to ensure you stay on the right track. A well-crafted trading plan should include entry and exit rules for you to follow. In addition, it should also detail money and risk management principles.

No Research

Numerous factors affect the forex market. For instance, political instability can cause currency exchanges to plummet. However, that’s not all because economic events and market fundamentals also affect currency pair prices. You’ll want to understand how the market works to be able to successfully devise forex trading strategies. As a result, forex traders must read the latest news events and educate themselves on economic policies to capitalize on market fluctuations.

Ignoring Economic Data and News Events

News events and economic data can significantly alter currency prices. For instance, a government’s central bank will often revise their monetary and fiscal policies. Likewise, they might also revise interest rates nationwide to accommodate the economy during a market downturn or inflation. These policies will undoubtedly affect currency prices. Hence, you’ll want to ensure you stay on top of these developments.

News events can also affect currency prices. For instance, the Russian Ruble has significantly plummeted in the past few days since the country invaded Ukraine.

Emotions Over Rationality

One of the most significant mistakes new traders often make when forex trading is becoming emotional. You’ve got to remember to treat forex trading like a business instead of a hobby. That means you’ve got to be rational and logical when trading. There’s no room for emotions in the trading world. So, it’s best to leave your feelings at the door.

Many new traders often become flustered when a few trades don’t go their way. They become obsessed with recouping their losses and, as a result, think opening more trades is the way to proceed. However, most traders end up losing more investment capital in such scenarios. Hence, you’ll want to remember to keep a cool head and let logic prevail.

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