Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a good trading mentor?

All of the Mentors here at Trading Mentor Online are the best in the business, we have a strict Vetting Process which means every single one of our Mentors is at the top of their game. This also means we trust our Mentors 100%, which allows you to as well. 

How do I get a Trading Mentor?

Right here at Trading Mentor Online! Simply click on the profile of the mentor you’d like to know more about, read their Bio, or watch the Introduction video and Book a session with the ‘Book Now’ Button. It’s that easy!

Where to find a Trading Mentor?

Trading Mentor Online has a large selection of Trading Mentors for you to to choose from, head over to the Marketplace and choose your mentor today!

How do I learn to trade?

There’s plenty of online courses available, such as one of the best in the industry from IYF Trading. However, in order to get the most out of your education and money, we recommend getting yourself a Trading Mentor from our Marketplace!

How can I learn to trade?

The easier way to learn to Trade is to get yourself over to our Online Trading Mentor Marketplace and see which of our Mentors suit you. Then book a free 15 minute consultation call with them!

What is the best trading course?

By far the best Trading Course, in our opinion, is the IYF Trading Funded Traders Process. This allows you to go from 0 knowledge to managing a fund of $100,000+ in under a year! Check it out today at

What is the best swing trading course?

With our well trained eye in the world of Trading, we recommend heading over to our Mentors Marketplace and having a look at some of our Swing Traders. All of our traders teach the fundamentals of trading, so if you’re looking to get started, this is the best place to be!

Are trading courses worth it?

It really depends where you are in your trading journey and what you’re looking to learn. If you’re brand new to trading, courses to learn the basic fundamentals of trading are often the best way to go, however if you want to develop a strategy or refine/enhance your trading, Trading Mentor Online Mentorship is the best place for you!

How to trade for profit

Becoming consistently profitable in trading is one of the hardest things to achieve. It takes some people years, if not decades to get to this point. Our Mentors here at Trading Mentor Online are all consistently profitable and can help you achieve this as well!

How to use a trading bot

Trading Bots and Expert Advisors are plugins and accessories you can attach to your trading terminal. These mostly trade for you, but they do require a lot of maintenance and coding to get to their optimal settings. They can be very profitable, but nothing can every beat point and click trading. 

What program do day traders use?

Most retail Traders; whether they be Swing Traders, Day Traders or Position Traders, use TradingView to do their analysis and MetaTrader or CTrader to execute positions.

How to get started options trading

Getting started with Options Trading is another one of the specialities of our Mentors here at Trading Mentor Online. Head over the the Marketplace and choose to filter by ‘Options’.

Who invented online trading?

There was no single person that invented online trading. Digital Trading Platforms were developed mostly throughout the 1970’s, and the rise of the online trading platform we all know today came about in the period between 2001 and 2005.

What is trading software?

Trading software’s are programmes that can be downloaded and accessed online which allow you to analyse, place and update trades and charts.

Can anyone become a successful trader?

The short answer is Yes! Anyone can become a successful trader. It can take years of hard work, discipline and dedication, but its 100% achievable. Head over to our Mentor Marketplace and have a chat to one of the Mentors about how you’d like to become successful and how to get there!

How long does it take to become a successful trader?

It depends on how you quantify being successful. Profitability can take anywhere from 6 months to 6 years to cultivate, and even then you may not class yourself as successful. It’s all down to the goals you set yourself and the progression you’re making. Don’t measure yourself against other people!

What makes a successful trader?

Success can mean a lot of things. Some see it as consistently making money, others see it as increasing the capital you manage at regular intervals. However, most people see success as being able to lead the life they’ve always dreamed of.

What makes a good trader?

The short answer is discipline and the ability to follow a plan and make quick decisions based on the information in front of you.

Who is the most successful trader?

This has to be either Jesse Livermore or George Soros. Both of these traders are renowned for their huge wins and, less often, huge losses in the markets.

Can anyone start trading?

Absolutely! Anyone can start trading whenever they want. Head on over to our Mentor Marketplace to have a free chat with one of our Mentos and you can get started right away!

Can I start trading with $100?

You can. But it will be hard to manage Risk and Positions properly with so little capital in your account. You’re better off using a Demo account and learning to trade properly before looking to acquire capital or funding from a third party.

Should I start trading?

Yes! Anyone can start trading, and if you dream of having a life of luxury and success, trading is the industry for you. Head over to our Mentor Marketplace to have a free chat with one of our Mentors about how you can get started today!

How start trading stocks?

Give one of our Mentors a free consultation call to see how they can help you start trading stocks online today!

How start trading forex?

Getting started with Forex is as easy as getting yourself a free broker account, and arranging a free 15 minute consultation call with one of our trusted Forex Mentors. Learning to Trade Forex has never been easier.

When to start trading?

Whenever you’d like. There’s no time limit on getting involved in the markets and they will never go away. This being said, now is a great time as there’s a lot of market volatility which means there’s plenty of moves on all timeframes.

When to start trading forex

Now is better than ever to get involved with Forex, go and have a look at our Mentors Marketplace and book a free call with anyone you’d like, they can help you get into trading forex today

Where to start trading stocks

There’s never a better time to get involved with stocks! Owing to the pandemic and ensuing financial crisis, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make money! Have a free chat with one of our Mentors to get started with Trading Stocks today! 

Where to start trading crypto

With Crypto (especially Bitcoin) becoming worth more and more, and market caps rising with no real end in sight, and large scale adoption of the blockchain idea, now is the time to get involved with crypto. Have a free chat with one of our crypto specialists today and get involved!

Can anyone start trading?

The short answer is yes, anyone can start trading whenever they want! Our Mentors can help you decide how to get started and which markets are best for you, head over to the marketplace and choose someone to have a free chat with today

What are UK Trading hours?

Forex Markets are open 24 hour a day, 5 days a week. However the opening hours of the LSE (London Stock Exchange) are 8am to 4.30pm.

Can you actually make money trading?

Yes! Whilst it may seem the face of the industry is full of people trying to scam you out of money, there are plenty of legitimate traders who make profits consistently month on month. All of our Mentors are consistently profitable, so head over to the marketplace and have a chat with one of them today to find out how you can do the same!

Which UK Trading Platform is best?

It’s really down to personal preference, however we recommend Moneta Markets for their Demo Accounts and Live accounts. Create yourself a free Demo account today by clicking on this link:

What is Day Trading UK?

Day Trading is the same all around the world, each traders ‘Day’ period will vary based on their location however. For example, time time of day in the UK is not going to be the same as in Singapore. The idea of Day Trading is simple, using a low timeframe trading strategy which allows you to open and close multiple trades within the same day.

What is Insider Trading UK?

Insider trading is the practice of using private or undisclosed information to make a bet on a company or stock. For example, if you’ve been told Apple’s earnings report is going to be worse than expected because you’re friends with their accountant, and take a short trade on Apple based on this information, that would be insider trading (as you’re using information not available to the public at large)

What is CFD Trading UK?

CFD, or Contract for Difference, is the usual method of Trading the Forex Markets. CFD accounts usually use leverage and can control a much larger amount of market capital than actual capital in the account. The way a CFD works is that you open a contract with your broker, essentially making a bet on which way the price is going to go. If you’re wrong, you give the broker the amount of  money you’ve betted (or risked) on that trade. If you’re right and the price goes in your predicted direction, the broker gives you the amount of money you’re owed from the setup.

Are Crypto Trading Fees Tax deductible?

It depends on the country you’re in and how you’re trading. If you’re Spread Betting then the likelihood is that this is tax free in your country, and CFD trading is not. However its best you talk to your accountant about this as it’s a very complicated matter and varies greatly depending on where you live. 

What's Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading is the practice of trading Cryptocurrency assets, whether this be via CFDs, Spot Trading, Spread Bets or HODL.

Which Trading Platform is Best for Cryptocurrency?

In terms of learning about cryptocurrency and how to trade it, Trading Mentor Online offer some of the best crypto traders in the world, so head over to the Mentors Marketplace and filter by ‘Crypto’ and book yourself a free 15 minute consultation call today!

Are Stock Trading Apps safe?

This varies greatly from country to country, but probably not if you’re based around Europe or the United States. It’s best to talk to your Accountant or Financial Advisor about this.

Are Stock Trading Fees Tax deductible?

This varies greatly from country to country, but probably not if you’re based around Europe or the United States. It’s best to talk to your Accountant or Financial Advisor about this.

When to Start Stock Trading

There has never been a better time to start Stock Trading than in the 2021 Coronavirus pandemic. With volatility level at all time highs and stocks moving more than they have done in years, there’s more than enough moves for anyone to get involved with. Don’t waste anymore time and book a free call with one of our Mentors to get your Stock Trading Career started today!

Can Stock Trading be a Career?

Yes it can! Loads of people make stock trading their career, whether it be professional city trading or retail trading. Many of our Mentors make a full time living trading from their homes. 

Are Stock Trading Courses worth it?

Well if you’d like to learn to trade stocks, then yes! It’s all about choosing the right course, and finding one that suits your style. Instead of wasting money on different courses, chat to one of our Mentors and they can recommend one based on their years of experience and knowledge in the field.