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What to Do When the Stock Market Crashes?

Stock market crashes can be overwhelming for new traders as their chances for profit are drastically reduced. However, there are some ways you can still profit. Let’s discuss.

3 Pullback Trading Strategies for Profitable Trading

Pullback strategies can be challenging to execute, especially for new traders successfully. Let’s discuss how you need to use these strategies to make more profitable trading decisions.

5 Parameters to Consider for Swing Trading

Swing trading is a popular active trading strategy. Here’s a blog post sharing parameters for traders to consider when swing trading.

Buying and Selling Forex Using RSI: A Guide

RSI, or the relative strength index is a price momentum indicator that belongs to the same family as stochastic oscillators and MACD. Similar to other indicators, RSI can be projected on a different graph in line with price and can have an oscillator range from0-100. Traders use the RSI for identifying oversold and overbought market conditions, …

The Importance Of Trading Psychology And Why It Matters For Making Money

To become a successful trader, you’ll need many skills. The difference that separates new traders from professionals is how they conduct their trading business. It all comes down to trading psychology. The results you get are based on the tricks and techniques you used when stock trading.  Trading psychology is a set of rules that can determine how …

Everything You Need to Know About Forex Target Trading

Forex target trading can help you identify profitable trade circumstances and limit losses. Let’s discuss some important things about forex target trading to help you understand its necessity.

Best Times of The Day To Buy Or Sell

Unlike traditional investing, trading has a short term focus. The trader buys a stock not to hold for gradual appreciation, but for a quick turnaround.

Understanding Currency Pair Sentiment

Currency pair sentiments can fluctuate based on several calculations and market conditions. Let’s discuss some important variables for these shifts to help you understand this better.

3 Things to Know About Leveraged Forex Trading

Leveraged trading uses borrowed capital to invest it in a stock, currency, or security. The concept of leveraging is quite common when it comes to forex trading. Investors can trade in larger positions in a certain currency by borrowing money from a broker. This results in returns from favorable and profitable currency exchange rates. However, some …

Top 3 Forex Technical Indicators Traders Should Know

Forex technical indicators are important for traders as they help them make profitable decisions. Let’s discuss some important indicators to help you understand them better.