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About Me

Hi, my name is Anthony Bouchard. I was born in Quebec, Canada. I am a 20 year old trader and I have been trading for almost 6 years. I started learning about financial markets when I turned 15 years old. I am now 20 years old and I have been trading full-time for almost 2 years. At the beginning of my journey, I was extremely lucky to meet a few successful traders and portfolio managers. These people ended up to be my mentors and helped me set the foundation of my trading career. I then went on and used all the knowledge that I’ve learned from them and my own experience to build a trading system that fits my personality. Because of this experience, I realized early on the importance of having a mentor that can personally and directly help you reach your full potential. Now that I am in a position where I can teach others how to trade, I have the desire to share my knowledge and experience with you and help as many people as possible. Book a free consultation call with me today!

What Others are Saying


Chai Kolluri10/02/2021

The webinar was superb. Thanks for all your effort. And it is fantastic to see you live. I learnt very important points and took notes. Makes it very special for me to be able to see and interact live with my mentor as you can imagine. Thank you so much for everything once again!

Alex Ouellet10/02/2021

Hey Anthony, thanks a lot for the mentoring. You really are a true mentor and have such deep knowledge about the markets. You’re the best!

Ricky Ricardo10/02/2021

You provide so much information. Very thankful. Your teaching method is very effective so far as I take notes. I have never seen any videos or received any information in a detailed format like that. Excited to watch the next video!

David Nasser 10/02/2021

Thanks for the support, the words behind the scenes. You gave me confidence and clarity when I most needed it. Making money is one thing, but doing it confidently and stress free (almost) is another thing altogether. Here are my trading results after a few years of trading with you. I’ve made close to half a million dollars profit so far. Thanks my brother.