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About Me

Anthony has been a consistently profitable prop trader at a large prop firm in Sydney Australia since 2013 and has been actively learning and trading the markets since 2008. Through trading at a prop firm Anthony has worked with and been mentored by some of the biggest and best prop traders in Australia and has gained a lot of invaluable knowledge that has helped him become the trader he is today. Prior to his trading journey he studied a Bachelor of Business Account and worked in Auditing at a large accounting firm. Anthony is currently the Head of Trading & Training in the crypto division of the prop firm and has mentored and trained over 50 traders during his career. His focus when mentoring and training traders has been to develop strategies for the trader based on their own risk profile, strengths and weaknesses as opposed to giving them a cookie cutter strategy. This gives the trader the ability to learn to find, refine and adapt an edge rather then taking an edge off another trader that may have a limited lifespan without understanding the nuances to the strategy. Anthony has experienced trading a variety of futures markets from fixed income to fx and indexes, and now is primarily focused on cryptocurrencies. His style of trading is day trading, involving strategies like order flow, scalping, stat arb, mean reversion and event driven trading. Anthony’s specific areas of expertise are trade system development, systematic trading, discretionary trading, back testing, strategy optimization, trade execution and management, risk management, journaling and review work, mindset and psychology, goal setting and trading external capital (prop firm or investor). Anthony is best suited working with individuals who have already began their trading journey. To learn more about my journey check out my Chat with Traders interview #172 and I look forward to speaking with you and helping you reach your trading goals.

What Others are Saying


Dylan Smoo08/01/2021

Trading is a tough game and having a seasoned pro in your corner will drastically increase your odds of making a living as a trader.
The majority of mentors will likely just give you a version of the strategy or “set up” that they trade themselves and teach you how to trade that. However, Anthonys approach is very different from this. Everyone has their own specific strengths and weaknesses and this tends to shine through when it comes to trading. Our first step was to dig through a heap of data to see the type of trading and setups I prefer to trade. This was a vital step to help me understand where my edge lies in the market. Before tying it all together and building out an entire daily process for my trading and keeping me accountable every single day. Another big factor is your mindset and Anthony was available to steer my mindset in the right direction whenever I was experiencing fomo, down after a string of losses or deviating from my plan.
Through his mentorship, Anthony got me fully prepared to take the next step as a trader and land a job with a prop firm. If it wasnt for him developing me as a trader I would likely still be in the same spot I was years ago.


Anthony has been a major influence in my trading career. He is extremely generous with his time and has a true passion for trading himself. You can always trust that Anthony will tell you what needs to be heard, not always what you want to hear but he will tell you the truth behind things which may be holding you back in order to bring your trading performance to the next level. Anthony is a genuine no crap trader and mentor, he lives and breathes this industry and his knowledge and tutelage is unmatched.


I have been learning to trade for a while, but didn’t take it seriously until I started working with Anthony, his level of energy is infectious and it helped me treat trading like a business. I enjoy hearing his insights and experience working at a prop firm and my goal is to become a prop trader soon.

Matthew 02/01/2021

Anthony has been pivotal in my trading journey; he has helped me simplify my strategy and focus in on my strengths. His methods of mentoring really suit me and his availability around the clock is important with my work commitments.

Lachie Bathgate02/01/2021

Anthony not only aided me in trading but heavily influenced how I will live the rest of my life. With his guidance, my mindset changed and improved drastically over 6 months. Without him, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

Alex 02/01/2021

Anthony has helped me along the way predominantly with helping me understand my own psychology and what I want out of trading. Despite living in Melbourne, Anthony has always gone out of his way to help me out and provide honest feedback.

Connor Crawford02/01/2021

Anthony has helped me invest in crypto and I have made some good profits through his mentoring. He taught me a lot about the fundamentals of cryptos and helped me develop my trading style. I have enjoyed working with Anthony, he takes trading very seriously and his level of professionalism is great.


When I first started with Anthony I was pretty much a mess… Didn’t really understand my edge in detail, didn’t really know how to analyse my data, some issues regarding my mindset and also woke up late with little to no structure during my trading day.

After working with Anthony all those things have been resolved. We went in depth about the strategy I was trading and figured out where I could optimize the edge looking over hundreds of trades, he suggested books to read on mindset then spoke to me and asked me questions about my past to better assist with the issues I was having and one of the biggest things was helping me plan a routine that would help me perform the best based on my goals in and outside of trading.

With all of that being resolved I was referred to a trading firm that Anthony is at and I was accepted which was fantastic, I certainly wouldn’t be here without him.

Matthew Corban02/01/2021

Through Anthony’s mentorship I was able to get a position at a highly regarded Prop firm. I remember I was about to go into trading full-time earlier this year thinking that I knew it all and had a set strategy that would take me to the big time. Obviously trading doesn’t quite work out that way. I stumbled upon Anthony’s Chat with Traders episode where he said he had the same issues when he first started out. So I undertook a mentorship with him specifically focusing on Cryptocurrencies (My chosen asset class), but the skills I learnt from him are applicable to all asset classes.

I was able to deep dive into the markets I traded and gather statistics that would help me find an edge. I never even considered the impact this would have on my trading if it wasn’t for Anthony. But trading is so much more than just statistics. The mental aspect of the game is huge and having Anthony’s guidance on the mental hurdles, which every trader will run into was extremely beneficial.

I learnt how to journal my trades and emotions correctly, this helped me expand my playbook. The drills he gave me really opened my mind to new ways to approach a trade. He isn’t going to give you specific setups, but ironically he helps you discover your own setups by the way he asks questions by getting you to reflect (Very clever!).

It’s easy to forget that because he’s a 7 figure trader, that he started off as that beginner trying to find his edge in the market. His mentorship really reduces the learning curve through his experience. You can really wipe off months/years of struggle and wasteful time looking for answers with just a conversation.

My advice is to just try everything he suggests and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Don’t get married to the style you have now!. I had my own bias thinking “I knew it all”. But I’m glad I was open to trying new things. My style has evolved and I feel I’m on the right path to success.