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About Me

Edward Kocsis is an ex Banker having worked in the professional world. He has substantial knowledge of global markets, fundamental analysis as well as having a firm grounding in advanced technical analysis and risk management—a final year B. A Finance student, working in projects alongside one of the leading Stockbrokers in Ireland. Having passed the FTMO Challenge back in March of 2020.
Previously working for A1 Trading and more recently starting his own community where he mentors in the Carter Trading Group. Edi started his trading journey back when he was only 17, learning to trade at an early age before he could trade a live account. Edi's education background of having studied  Economics, Finance and Investment at University has allowed him to develop a strong fundamental knowledge and understanding of the theory required in trading and to invest. While Edi may appear young, he has now over 2 years of market experience and has been consistently trading for over a year.
Edi's trading style and strategy are mainly focused on Fundamental analysis and sentiment shifts. Having a has strong fundamental knowledge which allows him to strengthen his strategy further. Edi focuses on Institutional order, Main fundamental news announcements and auction market theory. Focusing on the main market drivers and combining the use of technical analysis to have a precise entry to maximise profits. Using higher timeframes for trend bias and direction yet executing on the lower timeframes allowing him to pick trades with small stop losses and high risk to rewards and a high win ratio.
Edi may be young, but he has proved he has the knowledge, passion and experience needed to help other new traders on their journey. Working towards becoming a Qualified Financial Advisor Edi has a passion for helping others improve their financial position.

What Others are Saying



Covered the basic fundamentals of trading really helped me. got to see that profitable EURUSD trade that happen live during our mentoring call Definitely looking to have another one soon.


Thanks so much for that 1-1 mentorship. Covering the basic fundamentals of trading really helped me see things from a different perspective and honestly the personal tips and insights helped me the most. Can’t believe I got to see that profitable AUDUSD trade happen live. Definitely looking to have another one soon!

Alex Singeorzan05/11/2020

A young mind with plenty of experience and knowledge, extremely passionate about working within the markets and offers tremendous advice, I would highly recommend.


thanks for the mentoring session just now, you explained things well about timing the market and things to look out for when looking to enter and exit a trade. You went into a good amount of depth when explaining things whilst not making it too complicated and I feel like I’m definitely starting to understand the fundamentals side of things a bit more as well. Would love to have more in the future!