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About Me

Akif Din MSTA, CFTe forex trading mentorship program brings solid experience from real proprietary trading and institutional research. Akif began as a forex trading coach after he received a Level 5 Diploma in Professional Applied Financial Market Trading. He placed himself in a proprietary trading firm where Akif executed trades and manage risk in multiple markets. As a robust full of knowledge trader. Akif trades the G-10 and EM Spot; Futures FX markets, global commodities, major Equity Indices, and Fixed Income. After his early career, Akif continued to push the envelope and went on to provide real-time institutional research to both buy-side and sell-side clients; some of the clients he serves are banks, global macro hedge funds, and asset managers. Akif now splits his time between providing institutional research, and proprietary trading. As a forex trading coach and trading analyst, Akif understands the importance of learning and being mentored by trusted sources as well as how the rare knowledge gained from mentors can make such a big for young individuals. Akif strives to break this false understanding by offering an interesting forex trading mentorship program. The forex mentorship program Akif provides will train up, mentor, build disciplined and be more informed as a trader. His forex coaching helps traders receive capital who can work towards institutional funding. Book a free 15-minute consultation, one-on-one hourly private tutoring session, or take one of Akif's upcoming forex live trading courses!  

What Others are Saying


Jack Beauchamp17/01/2022

Akif helped me build a robust trading plan and is always there when i need an answer to my questions. I am looking forward to keep on going under his guidance as he understands the in and out of the markets.


If you are really serious about trading, you should choose Akif. He will be there every time you need, he has a lot of knowledge and ready to answer every question that you have, exited to learn more with him! 100% recommended!