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Forex, 5 Star, 34 years experience

About Me

After joining Lloyds Bank in 1989 I managed to climb up the ladder and into the dealing room where I spent a very successful 20 years in various Senior roles. Head of FX Proprietary/Senior and Head of 24 HR Trading were just some of my positions. I spent a year trading for the Bank in their New York office and I was the number 1 rated Spot Trader 4 years running managing FX risk and orders for many of the worlds leading Central Banks and Corporate giants executing trades over £2Billion in size. I published official Trade ideas on behalf of the Bank to send out to clients. I helped set up Sharpe Signa Fund manager from scratch where I was Global Head of Trading and ran a succesful team of traders. Head of FX for Divisa UK,  FX Director Huge Group China and Head of FX MS Wealth are my more recent roles. During my career I have traded in all conditions/time zones and global events including 9/11, 2007 Financial crisis, Brexit, ERM Crisis and Trump ! I am a discretionary trader with vast experience and have had countless graduates and juniors spend time with me over the years to help them along the way and show them how FX is run by the City giants and the effects it has to retail traders on the outside.I follow charts and concentrate on key levels where action will happen and use all my institutional experience to come up with trade ideas with correct discipline and risk reward.

What Others are Saying


Mike Barker 30/07/2020

When starting my career in Fx Richard showed me where I had been going wrong in the past and over complicating things.

Not only was I taught how to spot an idea but richard also showed me the discipline and emotional side of trading.

His experience having seen things most can only dream off was invaluable and instead of simply learning about charts I feel I have been taught how to trade.

Sam Gallagher30/07/2020

I’ve been trading part time for a few years now and decided to get the help from someone with decades and decades of experience. Richard helped me understand the dynamics of trading which go beyond any technical analysis can offer. I am grateful for his guidance and for helping me get a better understanding of my personal strengths and allowing me to unleash the potential I knew I had, forever thankful for Richard’s mentorship these last few months.