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About Me

Meet Saulo, a Fund Manager, Chief Investment Officer and Trader specialising in US Equities and Forex.

Saulo is also part owner, CIO and Senior Vice President of Operations of one of the largest venture capital funding companies ‘Click Funders’.

Saulo started his career as an Attorney at Law Banking & Finance and Corporate M&A. Focussing on financial and corporate deals for large listed clients. His sector focus is Aerospace & Aviation and he worked for clients like Boeing, Embraer, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, SpaceX and Royal Dutch Shell on high-impact deals, as well as high-profile M&A transactions.

Saulo has degrees in Corporate and Financial Law, Military Operational Law and Military Sciences (University of Rotterdam, University of Amsterdam, University of Cambridge and Royal Military Academy). Saulo served as an Officer in the Armed Forces as an operational legal advisor special operations and as freelance consultant for PMSC’s.

He made the switch from the law to trading when a Senior Trader from Deutsche Bank gave him the opportunity to trade in his slipstream and learn professional trading. Within one year Saulo was asked to join a prop trading desk for his own risk and account. He also got an opportunity to become a partner in the trading firm and changed the operations to trading with outside capital.

Today Saulo has 150M USD AUM.

The most important rationale for Saulo to take on a few mentoring students is that he wants to give back and contribute. Explaining professional trading concepts to retail traders and help them navigate the markets by trading in the slipstream of institutional money.

What Others are Saying



I am a Fx trader with 4 years experience. I want to endorse Saulo for his guidance and tips recognising large institutional traders and adapting my strategy to trade with them instead of against them.

Clear explanation, to the point, a walking library and always 100% committed to his students.

Ben van der Zande30/07/2020

Saulo is a fantastic teacher. One of the biggest advantages is his professional experience. Saulo’s way of explaining and translating professional trading concepts to and for retail traders is unprecedented.

His mentoring took my stock trading to the next level. Both his fundamental approach combined with technical nuances and his mindset/performance coaching is very beneficial for any trader.