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If you are eager to learn how to trade stocks. As a premier stock market trading mentor, I would love to introduce my trading techniques and skill set to you. I have been trading the United States equities market for over 2 decades, I am a chartist and an expert in technical analysis, some call me the human algorithm. If you want a stock trading mentor, I might be your best shot! If you're looking to day trade, swing trade, or want to learn how to trade penny stocks, I can help. Trading for over 20+ years, I traded during every market climate that presented itself and I am still trading. Success is on you, how bad do you want it? I'm a call away, book a free 15-minute consultation. According to Zelman, a 20-year veteran and stock market trading mentor: You do not need to be a mathematical expert to become a successful trader, you need to understand the language. Trading is a visualized language, what does he mean by this? It is like reading a book, but this book changes its story every minute of every day. Once you understand the stories and theories of what is being written, then execute based on understanding the story's pattern. Think of learning a language, you need to learn the alphabet before you can read words. The same concept, but in trading, it is reading the movements of a publicly-traded instrument. Zelman has been trading the market for more than half his life, he worked on Wall Street for nearly a decade until he started his business ventures in trading. He is the original theorist of social trading network patents #8458084 & #8458085. Zelman Yakubov is also the founder of Traders Circle and the President of Trading Mentor Online. The trading guru created a free trading eBook for beginners. The eBook provides basic to advanced trading techniques and technical analysis. If you want to learn how to trade stocks from a stock market veteran trader. Book the next upcoming live trading course with Zelman, or a one-on-one private tutoring session.

What Others are Saying


Matt J.08/10/2022

Trading newbie here. Zelman has been a big help, I have purchased the 6 hours 1 on 1 stock market mentorship service. He trained me weekly and had me study the materials and do some backtesting/paper trading. I thought it was just a bunch of none sense in the beginning as I had no idea what technical trading was. He made me go through the trading ebook on the trading mentor online site first before coaching begin. 2 days prior to the zoom call he asked me where I had issues and that is how he helped me learn my weak points. I understand trading right now more than ever. I feel like I am still new to trading stocks, so I booked another 6 hour session with Zelman. I really noticed how he is detailed with technicals and time. He says timeframe trading is crucial for technical traders. I did not understand at first but now it makes perfect sense. When paper trading based on the parameters I learned seemed like it is working, he told me to continue paper trading until my second 6 hour hourly sessions are complete then start small and build my confidence. Afterward, Zelman said to increase share size as I get more comfortable with learning to trade the stock market.

I just think his education brought me a better understanding of how the stock market works and I could have not asked for a better stock market mentor. I am providing this review because he asked me to and honestly the review is well deserved. I would give Zelman 100 stars if I could for his stock market mentorship service.


Leroy B.14/09/2022

Zelman thanks for the help. I understand technical analysis and trading timeframes much better.

Steve K.06/08/2022

I set up an appointment with Zelman for a free consultation. He spoke with me for over 30 minutes and curbed my trading skills from losing money every day to breaking even. I realized his consultation helped improve my trading. I booked a 6 hour one on one mentoring session and am happy with the service. I now am profitable 4 out of 5 trading days for the last 2 weeks. I truly appreciate his services.

Justin T.14/01/2022

I am new to trading. Took a few online seminars and learned through some trading videos I found on youtube. What a waste of time. Zelman explained how to understand level 2. I only booked a 1 hour sessions, but it’s so worth it. I am putting my questions together for my next lesson. I just may decide to take his live trading course instead.

Sean Marcus14/01/2022

This guy is the real deal and is extremely competent with charts and trading formations. Just wished I found Zelman sooner.

Mikhail Markovsky10/01/2022

What a great educator, I was extremely impressed with Zelman’s knowledge. Constantly provided information that helped me understand the technical parameters of trading. I had a question where I was confused about he answered it and he kept providing further samples that made me realize that trading is a lot easier than I thought. Thank you, Zelman!