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03 April, 2023 09:00 AM
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If you are eager to learn how to trade stocks. As a premier stock market trading mentor, I would love to introduce my trading techniques and skill set to you. I have been trading the United States equities market for over 2 decades, I am a chartist and an expert in technical analysis, some call me the human algorithm. If you want a stock trading mentor, I might be your best shot! If you're looking to day trade, swing trade, or want to learn how to trade penny stocks, I can help. Trading for over 20+ years, I traded during every market climate that presented itself and I am still trading. Success is on you, how bad do you want it? I'm a call away, book a free 15-minute consultation. According to Zelman, a 20-year veteran and stock market trading mentor: You do not need to be a mathematical expert to become a successful trader, you need to understand the language. Trading is a visualized language, what does he mean by this? It is like reading a book, but this book changes its story every minute of every day. Once you understand the stories and theories of what is being written, then execute based on understanding the story's pattern. Think of learning a language, you need to learn the alphabet before you can read words. The same concept, but in trading, it is reading the movements of a publicly-traded instrument. Zelman has been trading the market for more than half his life, he worked on Wall Street for nearly a decade until he started his business ventures in trading. He is the original theorist of social trading network patents #8458084 & #8458085. Zelman Yakubov is also the founder of Traders Circle and the President of Trading Mentor Online. The trading guru created a free trading eBook for beginners. The eBook provides basic to advanced trading techniques and technical analysis. If you want to learn how to trade stocks from a stock market veteran trader. Book the next upcoming live trading course with Zelman, or a one-on-one private tutoring session.

05 April, 2023 16:00 PM
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Akif Din MSTA, CFTe forex trading mentorship program brings solid experience from real proprietary trading and institutional research. Akif began as a forex trading coach after he received a Level 5 Diploma in Professional Applied Financial Market Trading. He placed himself in a proprietary trading firm where Akif executed trades and manage risk in multiple markets. As a robust full of knowledge trader. Akif trades the G-10 and EM Spot; Futures FX markets, global commodities, major Equity Indices, and Fixed Income. After his early career, Akif continued to push the envelope and went on to provide real-time institutional research to both buy-side and sell-side clients; some of the clients he serves are banks, global macro hedge funds, and asset managers. Akif now splits his time between providing institutional research, and proprietary trading. As a forex trading coach and trading analyst, Akif understands the importance of learning and being mentored by trusted sources as well as how the rare knowledge gained from mentors can make such a big for young individuals. Akif strives to break this false understanding by offering an interesting forex trading mentorship program. The forex mentorship program Akif provides will train up, mentor, build disciplined and be more informed as a trader. His forex coaching helps traders receive capital who can work towards institutional funding. Book a free 15-minute consultation, one-on-one hourly private tutoring session, or take one of Akif's upcoming forex live trading courses!  

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