Forex Mentorship: Could a Mentor be your route to success and Financial freedom?

So, you want to try your hand at trading the Forex Markets? Or are you already a retail trader but looking to brush up on your skillset and expand your knowledge? Becoming a profitable and consistent trader is no easy task, and at times it can be very lonely and challenging. It’s not so easy to find a community of people who you resonate with, or who aren’t just out for your money as well. Unless you’ve worked in a bank or on a trading floor, you’ve probably never come across a group of likeminded people. Of course, there’s always the Gurus and Wizards online and on social media who promise to make millions out of pocket change, but most people who’re serious about trading can see through these scams and want to find some form of ‘Trading Family’. Is Forex mentorship the answer for you?

What/Who is a Forex Mentor? 

Simple answer is, anyone! However, they have to be able to provide value to you, and teach you how to Trade the markets, or refine your skills. There’s no point paying out heaps of money to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. That’s one of the reasons why we created Trading Mentor Online, so aspiring traders can find legitimate and trusted mentors without being scammed out of their hard earned money. 

A Forex Trading Mentor who trades the same style as you’d like to is often the best route to go down, as they are probably an expert in this field if they’ve spent years building their own strategy to attack the markets with. Depending on what style you want to learn and adopt, you will need to search for different kinds of forex mentorship. Someone who’s a Position Trader isn’t going to be able to teach you about Day Trading as well as someone who Day Trades is. It’s all about finding what works for you and building a Strategy and Plan around that. 

How to find a Forex Mentor?

Right here at Trading Mentor Online. We have worked tirelessly to have a range of different traders for you to choose from, from Scalpers to Position Traders. Whatever it is you’d like to learn, we can provide the resources you need to do it. Feel free to head on over to the Mentors Marketplace and have a browse through our current Mentors who can provide forex mentorship. Due to our Vetting Process’ strict guidelines, we only take onboard Trusted and Legitimate Mentors, so you know you’re getting the most out of your money and time. 

How to tell a Real Mentor from a Scammer 

First and foremost, when looking for forex mentorship you have to have someone who both mentors and trade. Obviously, you look up to this person and you are trying to learn from them so they have to be up-to-date with all news about the forex market and know what strategies work the best in the current moment.

Surprisingly, many people claiming to be professional forex mentors are actually the one who failed to trade. What you need is a first-hand experience and a successful path you can follow. However, there are also many successful forex traders who make a significant profit but they remain unnoticed and are not involved in contributing to the mentoring world due to a number of reasons.

To bring this post to a conclusion, it’s all about what you want to learn and how well you get on with your mentor. That’s why we allow a free consultation call to see if you and your mentor Gel and they are teaching what you want to learn about. Our Mentors hope to see you soon!